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The Best Free Estimating Takeoff Software for Construction

Are you looking for a construction takeoff program to start off and don't want to spend any money? You've come to the right place.

Instead of showing you a list of the best "Free" programs, we'll cut straight to the chase and introduce you to the Top Free takeoff software for Construction. What sets Vu360 apart from all the rest of the programs is that it's completely Free and does not have a paid version so you get all the features! Too good to be true? Read on to learn about what they gain from it.

Vu360 is a Free digital document viewer, offered by the Blue Book, and it enables easy viewing, takeoff, markup and communication of construction drawings.


  • View PDF, TIFF and all HTML Web pages

  • Markup and Takeoffs including Counts, Linear, Square Foot, Volume and more

  • All quantities can be exported to Excel or XML

  • Snapshot feature that allows communication of information through email or PDF

  • Keyword Search allowing you to search the specification book and your own markups

  • Integrated with to quickly obtain information from subcontractors and suppliers


For starters, the program does not have the advanced features that can be found through OnScreen Takeoff or Bluebeam. It is very basic and works well for a smaller company that does not do elaborate takeoffs

Secondly, the program is integrated with The Blue Book, and serves as a sort of advertisement for them to get you to subscribe. The Blue Book is one of the largest construction online networks and brings companies, projects, people and events together. They also run which is a portal to find construction project opportunities.


We went over the features and limitations of Vu360 and if you want to give it a try, you can find the link below or click on the main image above.

It is a great free starter program for smaller companies and a step up from doing takeoffs by hand, so there's nothing to lose from trying it out.

If you run a medium to large company however, consider looking into OnScreen Takeoff or Bluebeam to perform more detailed takeoffs, with more accuracy and features.

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