Concrete CY Calculator & Cost Calculator

Concrete Calculator (CY)

Use this Concrete CY Calculator to get an estimate of how much concrete you need for a slab or general area.

Concrete CY Formula:

(Length * Width * Height) / 27 = CY

This calculator allows you to add in expected concrete waste as well. Write in the percentage of expected waste due to uneven forming, varying conditions and as a factor of safety for underfilled concrete trucks.

Typical Waste Factors are:

Slab on Grade: 10-15%

Earth Formed Footings: 10-15%

Walls: 5-10%

Columns: 3-7%

Encasements: 10-20%

Concrete Cost Calculator

Use this Concrete CY Calculator to get an estimate of the total material cost for your Concrete Pour.

Concrete Cost Formula:

((Total CY * (Cost/CY + Extra Fee/CY)) + (Delivery Fees + Pump Cost)) * Tax

This calculator allows you to figure the total outside cost for your pour, including the concrete material, delivered to your site, the pump cost, and taxes.

Typical Concrete Costs are (but can vary significantly):

Cost/CY: $100 - $140

Delivery Fees: $50 - $200

Trailer Pump Cost: $150-250/Hr

Boom Pump: Varies greatly by size


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