Construction Template Packages

Contractor Package PRO

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Download All Templates on ConstructionLogs!
(28 Templates + Bonus)
  • Project Schedule

  • Annual Schedule

  • Construction Bid

  • Concrete Estimate

  • RFI Log & Form

  • Sumittal Log & Form

  • Change Order Form

  • ...and more

Construction Forms PRO

$148.00Regular Price$79.00Sale Price
Download All Form Templates!
(15 Templates + Bonus)
  • RFI Log

  • RFI Form

  • Sumittal Log

  • Submittal Form

  • Drawing Log

  • ...and more

Project Schedule PRO

$67.00Regular Price$49.00Sale Price
Download All Schedule Templates!
(3 Templates)
  • Fully optimized for 5, 6 and 7 Day Weeks

  • Project Schedule

  • Look Ahead Schedule

  • Annual Schedule

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Construction Estimating PRO

$58.00Regular Price$49.00Sale Price
Download All Estimating Templates!
(2 Templates)
  • Construction Bid

  • Concrete Estimating

Construction Finance PRO

$88.00Regular Price$79.00Sale Price
Download All Finance Templates!
(6 Templates)
  • Annual Financial Tracking

  • Change Order Form

  • Change Order Log

  • Expense Report

  • Monthly Financial Tracking

  • Purchase Order

Lite Package

Download Free Templates Unlocked!
(8 Templates)
  • Purchase Order

  • Expense Report

  • RFI Log

  • RFI Form

  • Submittal Log

  • Submittal Form

  • Drawing Log

  • Timesheet


  • How do I receive the templates after purchase?

    • After the secure PayPal payment, a link to download the templates will be immediately sent to your email. Due to this, it is very important that you enter the correct email during the PayPal purchase.

  • How do I open the templates after the download?

    • The templates will be in a .zip folder. You can use your preferred program to extract the files or click here for assistance.

  • Do the templates come with instructions?

    • Although we designed our templates to be intuitive, they will include a separate "Instructions" page or comments at appropriate locations, just in case. Should you have any questions, be sure to let us know on our contact page.

  • Is there a time limit or subscription required to use these templates?

    • No. You can use these templates as long as you desire after the one time payment initial purchase.

  • Are all of the templates on Excel?

    • Yes. We made all of the templates for Excel, so you don't need to learn or install any additional software.

  • What will be included in the download?

    • You will simply receive the .zip file containing subfolders and Excel files. Our products are 100% safe, guaranteed.

  • What payments do you accept?

    • We accept PayPal as well as Debit & Credit Cards.

  • Can I purchase individual forms?

    • In order to offer the most value to our customers, we are currently only selling packages.

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Bid Template
Submittal Log Gen.2
Look Ahead Schedule
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