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AutoCAD has three ways of importing paper for edits. The default way is Draw Instruction (DI) Import. You can also import paper in another CAD program and then import the changes back into your drawing.The new Markup Assist tool is designed to automatically incorporate feedback into your drawing based on information you import from printed or PDF files.AutoCAD is also getting additional AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities built in. For example, if you can draw a wall in 3D, AutoCAD can also detect it and convert it to 2D walls and doors.(video: 0:52 min.)The Link feature enables you to interact with drawings created by other people.(video: 1:09 min.)AutoCAD is getting a new batch menu for opening multiple drawings at once. The new multitasking functionality includes toolbars that give you access to the commands in all open drawings.The new function creates a standardized tool palettes across all drawings and lets you customize their look.Multi-Draw Eraser:(video: 1:19 min.)The new Multi-Draw Eraser tool erases multiple objects in a drawing at once. This is the fastest way to erase objects in your drawing.Rasterizing Geometry:(video: 1:18 min.)With the rasterizing option enabled, CAD objects can be changed to Vector elements with the Convert to Drawing command. This lets you show more detail in your drawings while also reducing file size.Vector Draw:(video: 1:39 min.)AutoCAD now has a new vector draw command. With this command, you can create vector lines, arcs, ellipses, and more with any degree of precision.Multi-Layer Text:(video: 1:35 min.)Now you can enter text with multiple layers. A new Label Scale feature lets you control text size by scaling each layer of text separately.Measuring Tools:(video: 1:14 min.)New measures tools let you create geometries for unit, length, area, volume, and more.Scale Preview:(video: 1:12 min.)AutoCAD now lets you quickly scale an object for size comparison. The dialog box includes a preview of 2be273e24d

AutoCAD For Windows

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